How to Change The Ropes of the Clothesline

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The organization of your home is in danger and why? Because they have broken the ropes of the clothesline. If you do not want to accumulate your laundry, you need to learn quickly and once and for all how to change the clothesline’s ropes, how do we teach you how to do it? With these simple steps, you can learn this household chore that will serve both to repair the broken strings and to add more strings to your clothesline.

How to Change The Ropes of the Clothesline
How to Change The Ropes of the Clothesline


How to Change The Ropes of the Clothesline

Steps to follow:

  1. The first step to changing the ropes of the clothesline is to buy in the hardware store half a meter of rope suitable for the clothesline and two plastic tensioners. In this way, you will make sure that the strings are perfectly stretched and will avoid complicating the life with the knots of the strings.
  2. The tensioners are composed of three parts: two parts of the tensioner called “ends” where the strings join and a central part of the tensioner where these two “ends” are joined.
  3. Then insert one end of the tensioner (before passing the rope through the pulley) and the other end once we have it on the clothesline. Make a small knot and with a lighter burn, the ends of the strings to prevent the fibers from being loose and the knot will not undo.
  4. Next, it’s time to put the new rope on the clothesline. Remember that this step will depend on the height at which you live. If you live on a low floor, it is okay to move from one window to the other, that is, from one window to the other. If, on the contrary, you live on a floor with a certain height, tie the new rope to one of the old ropes that you left on the clothesline and you will easily pass to the other end.
  5. Once mobilized, insert it inside the pulley and fasten to bring it back to the place of origin.
  6. At this point, we have the rope passed by the two pulleys and the two ends of the rope in the place of origin. Put one end of the tensioner at the end of the rope that is untensioned and repeat the same procedure you did with the first one (make a knot and burn the excess so it does not come undone).
  7. Finally, place the central part of the tensioner and tighten all the valves well. We repeat this procedure with each of the strings. Practice leads to perfection!

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